April 4, 2016

16 great tools for creating mood boards | Creative Bloq

A good mood board can be a vital part of your design workflow. Here we gather together 16 excellent tools that'll help you visually convey your design ideas.

Whether you work in digital medialogo design or even brochure design, if you're trying to get a big design idea across, a good mood board can be invaluable. With a mood board you can instantly convey a whole assortment of concepts and feelings that are central to your pitch but difficult to get across verbally.
So what's the best way to put a digital mood board together? There are a ton of tools to make things easy for you, so we've looked around and gathered together the best of the bunch...

01. Pinterest

Mood boards Pinterest
Others may have done the curation work for you on Pinterest
Pinterest offers a surprisingly diverse collection of images to draw mood board references from. The big plus of using it is that a whole load of human users have done a lot of the curating and hard work for you, and the collections there are often themed better than any traditional image library. For more on Pinterest, check out our article Things designers and illustrators should be doing with Pinterest.

02. Image Spark

Mood boards Image spark
With Image Spark, you can snoop at other people's mood boards
We've all paid our dues by trawling the likes of Getty ImagesiStock andShutterstock for images for mood boards. But this can be a painful experience, with the search functions not neccesarilly geared around more ambient expression.
Try using Image Spark instead: it's a means of converging images using the app's own mood board functionality. You can also (if they're set to public) snoop at other's mood board and image libraries.

03. Moodstream

Mood boards Moodstream
Moodstream is a tool from Getty that can help you find the right image
Moodstream is a resource from Getty Images. It's a unique 'pull that lever'-type, idea-generation and mood board-assisting tool.
An image speaks a thousand words but finding the right image to capture a mood can be a right royal pain in the rear. Moodstream helps you out with this and is an essential creative pit-stop.

04. Moodboard

Mood boards Moodboard app
Moodboard is a scrapbook-like tool from A Tiny Tribe
A handy app for the iPad that will help you with putting together mood boards is Moodboard by Any Tribe. You can add photos from your Photo Library or the web, send your moodboards to Twitter and Facebook, or share via email. You can also share editable boards using iTunes File Sharing, plus the latest version has support for Retina.
It's a useful tool although it  does have a scrapbook feel to it. You may want to judge whether you use a board, a PDF or an app, based on the client and which medium suits them best.

For more on moodboard, click the link below

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16 great tools for creating mood boards | Creative Bloq

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

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