February 12, 2012

Shabby Take on the Damask Dresser

Shabby Take on the Damask Dresser
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When I posted the graphic Damask Dresser I redid for my very own bedroom, there was a huge response to the project. (Okay, okay! So the projector giveaway might have influence a handful of comments.) I thought I might try a similar designed dresser to offer for sale. This time I decided to do a little shabbier take on the design.

I started with this solidly built, but otherwise uninspiring large dresser.


That bumper sticker was a BEAST to get off of there. I don’t care HOW much you like 103.9 Arizona’s Party Station, please don’t put their bumper sticker on your furniture. :)

When the sticker was finally off and the piece all prepped, I painted it a satin off-white. I followed the same projector method I outlined in the original Damask Dresser post, basically just projecting a nice damask design that I found online and tracing the outline with a pencil. Then comes the tedious task of filling in your damask design. This time I used a charcoal gray for the damask. I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s a fast project. Especially when you’re using a high contrast paint (like I’ve done both times.) It takes several coats with an artists brush to get it looking good. I think the finished product is really worth the time and tediousness of it though. What’d you think?






I used the original hardware, which I think worked well with the damask motif, but since the graphic damask design is really the focus of the piece, I wanted the hardware to kind of disappear, so I painted them the same color as the body of the dresser and did some distressing around the edges.

I also did some restrained hand distressing, just around the edges of the piece just to shabby it up a bit. :)

So, with the time I put into this one I’m going to have to charge $4,000. Any takers? ;) Just kidding. It will be up for sale at the Junkrestore Vintage Market at Scottsdale’s Simple Farm on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd for $300. One more project down, about 20 to go. Yikes!! Good thing it looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous. Great painting weather! Wish me luck on getting stuff done!

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

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