November 16, 2011

Home made decorating - Weekend Decorating tip using fabric scraps

Handmade Pinecones

Here is a really cute ideas for making handmade pinecones out of left over fabric.  We found this on Homemadesimple's website.  This is not only eco friendly, but also a great way to redesign using what you already have.

    Craft your own pinecones from felt or fabric. Download our template and follow the step-by-step instructions to make them, then try our suggestions for displaying and using these festive beauties.
Handmade Pinecones
Handmade Pinecones

Downloadable template**
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun

*Tip: Use wool, corduroy, felt, foam crafting sheets, or repurpose fabric from an old sweater or shirt. You can use all one color, or alternate with different colors.

**Tip: Our template was created with an average-sized pinecone in mind, about 4” tall and 2” wide at the base, and it fits roughly in the palm of our hand. Feel free to alter the size of the template by changing the scale in your print window.

  1. Handmade PineconesMold aluminum foil into an egg shape (the big end will be the bottom of the pinecone). The size of the foil egg depends on how big you’d like the pinecone to be.
  2. Download and print our template, then cut out the three pinecone pieces.
  3. Using double-sided tape or pins, attach the template piece to your fabric and cut out the shapes. You’ll only need one of each for the top (A) and bottom (C), but the scales for the middle (B) depend on how big you make the foil egg shape. Cut a bunch at first, then clip as you go.
  4. Starting at the top, dab glue on the A piece and attach. Move your way downward around the foil egg using B pieces (feel free to alternate colors or fabrics), overlapping the rows as you go.
  5. When the entire shape is covered, dab a little glue to the C piece and attach to the bottom.

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

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