September 29, 2011

Feel Spirit of Your Home at First Step!

When we think about interior design, decor, the first thing that we have in our mind is furniture, art pictures, pillows, etc. Many of us just forget that there are some places that are part of our home that we see every day, a place that needs a design touch too.  Were talking about Foyers, Halls, and Closets.

Below we have put together a collection of Foyers, Halls, and Closet designs we feel make a space look beautiful.  They say "small things make a big impression", well here are some ideas to make these tiny overlooked spaces looked at for the first time with new eyes!  Take a look at our tips below~

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If You like animal print or You just like to make that one part of Your home in that way, foyer is maybe right place for that.

Ad some interesting piece of furniture, paint wall in some unusual color, or just make it in elegant style using this gorgeous dark violet.

Make sure you balance and repeat colors and shapes in different materials. Make focal point in foyer as You make it in Your living room. Put something that represent only You and make Your foyer as an unique and make it to represent Your home and You.

Use this interesting piece of furniture if You prefer modern and useful way of living.


Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

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