December 12, 2010

Decorating Art Niches

Art Niches are a beautiful architectural feature but sometimes can be difficult to decorate. Just what do you do with those spaces? Start by asking yourself about your style and go from there.

Do you love art? Or would the simplicity of an empty vase be more pleasing to you? What about faux painting the area to set it off from the rest of the room? You could even be as bold as to add custom iron work in area. If you have a more formal room, you could find some tapestries that match your decor. The possibilities are endless and you can play around with it until you find something that you really love. If the art niches are in an entry area, it would even be interesting to change it out for the seasons. Have fun with it and don't be intimidated!

Here are some impirational photos that will give you some ideas. Enjoy!

Pictures by Google images

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

Interior Decorator- Michelle Rider

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